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Creative Circle from Carleton Universities school of Information Technology is proudly collaborating with Kinaxis to develop a mobile user interface solution for their software RapidResponse. RapidResponse is a supply chain management software developed by Kinaxis and provides companies with a means to manage their supply chains while providing concurrent planning, detailed data visualizations, user collaboration and countless other features.
As fouth year students nearing graduation, we at Creative Circle are determined to develop a world class UI solution for an industry leading company in Kinaxis.

Meet the Team

Kinaxis Project

Deka Said

Kinaxis Project

Eric Moore

Kinaxis Project

Thao Nguyen

Kinaxis Project

Nella Dam

Kinaxis Project

Niki Roy

Kinaxis Project

Radhika Mehta

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Official poster of the CreativeCircle RapidResponse Project
Official poster of the CreativeCircle RapidResponse Project

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